Sue Kellogg

About Sue Kellogg

At the Puyallup WA state fair, my sister and I were totally ecstatic when she won a Baby Brownie Kodak camera from the claw game machine. Despite sibling rivalry and our small allowances not covering much film, she let me share it. Imagine my disappointment when I took a picture of our beautiful mountain and it came out a tiny dot in the background. Still, I couldn’t wait to grow up and buy my own camera. When that happened, very much later, cameras had made huge advancements and I was thrilled with the results from my first roll of 35 mm film, which I used shooting various appealing people in NYC. I still love the pix from that time and still love shooting people (and sometimes other things). Children are especially fun to photograph, with their still unblemished beauty and candor. So here I am, “still … after all these years”!